Some of your brightest memories will take place inside your home. Make sure the colors surrounding you will match them. When deciding on the paints for your home, pick the brands you can trust. Whether your look is bold or…


Protect your biggest investment with the tough coating it deserves. Wood is a beautiful thing, but it needs help to stay that way. The coating you put on your woods can determine the look and feel for years to come….

Window Treatments and Wallcoverings

After the paint dries, let the accents shine. Dress your home with the perfect complements to your bright new colors. Fairfield Paints can help you choose the right look for window treatments and wallcoverings. We’ll walk you through the best…


You have a job to do: make your home shine. Count on us to equip you with everything needed to get the job done. We stock a full line of brushes, scrapers, tapes and tools. Come in to pick out the…

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Welcome to Fairfield Paints! A place to turn your ideas into reality. Fairfield Paints’ #1 job is to make your home look great. We get involved with our customers’ projects. You know, meaningful conversations. Call it the anti-big box effect….

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